The Coaching Podcast

The Coaching Podcast

Hosted by: Emma Doyle

Welcome to The Coaching Podcast – coach for success in both sports and business. I'm your host, Emma Doyle, known as The Energy Coach and Activation Speaker, recognized globally for unleashing human potential. Join me...


Jim Rembach - Always keep in mind the "person before power"

Season #1 Episode #18

Simon interviews Customer Experience & Contact Centre Coach, Jim Rembach. Jim is the host of the long-running 'Fast Leader Show' podcast.
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Adam Gard'ner

Season #1 Episode #17

Emma Interviews Adam Gard'ner, who at the time of the interview was Tennis New Zealand Coach Development Manager. Adam is an extraordinary human and his story is one worth sharing. Adam Gard’ner is an advocate for...
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Mehrban Iranshad

Season #1 Episode #16

Emma Doyle interviews the host of The Tennis Files Podcast, Mehrban Iranshad. Emma has been a part of Mehrban's Tennis Summit for the past few years and he is such a humble guy. Mehrban is a former Division I...
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Manu 'Swish' Goswami

Season #1 Episode #15

Simon interviews Manu 'Swish' Goswami, one of the worlds top youth entrepreneurs, public speakers and venture capitalists. A coach and mentor for young, up and coming entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in...
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Sonya Karras & Sacha Kaluri

Season #1 Episode #14

Emma Interviews Motivational Speakers, Commentators and recent Authors on how to deal with issues facing Teenagers and Families, Sonya Karras & Sacha Kaluri. Check out this cool episode with lots of laughs and...
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Bill Riddle

Season #1 Episode #13

Emma and Simon explore how to deal with fear around things like public speaking and the technique Emma uses to make her speeches more effective. Emma reveals to Simon how she first met Bill and they discuss how his...
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Shelley Flett

Season #1 Episode #12

Simon interviews Shelley Flett, Melbourne based leadership development coach and consultant. Shelley provides tremendous insight and value with highlights including her take on what makes a great coach and a...
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Gigi Fernandez

Season #1 Episode #11

Emma Doyle interviews Gigi Fernandez, tennis coach and winner of 17 Grand Slam doubles crowns & two Olympic Gold Medals. Gigi reveals how she once got on the wrong side of Billie-Jean King and learnt an important...
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'The Bucket List Guy' Travis Bell

Season #1 Episode #10

Travis Bell, 'The Bucket List Guy' is interviewed by Emma Doyle. With an episode chock full of interesting discussion and moments, including Simon revealing his musical 'talents' and Emma providing a fascinating...
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Judy Murray

Season #1 Episode #9

Emma Doyle interviews the most famous tennis mum in the world and a champion of girls and women's tennis, Judy Murray. Judy and Emma have a wonderful friendship and coach relationship focusing on empowering the next...
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Claude Silver

Season #1 Episode #8

Simon interviews Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer for Gary Vaynerchuk's company VaynerMedia. Early in the interview, Claude reveals her worst coaching experience which somehow combines climbing a mountain and Nine...
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Ali Minbashian

Season #1 Episode #7

Simon interviews business coach Ali Minbashian from ActionCOACH. Ali reveals insights into a particularly challenging week early in his career that was certainly bittersweet. He also details his 3 elements of 'What...
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