The Coaching Podcast

The Coaching Podcast

Hosted by: Emma Doyle

Welcome to The Coaching Podcast – Coaching for Success in Sport and Business. Your host is Emma Doyle - The Energy Coach and Activation Speaker who is a world leader in Unleashing Human Potential. Emma interviews...


Valorie Kondos Field - "Know thy self"

Season #3 Episode #52

Valorie Kondos Field and Emma Doyle met when they were both speakers at The Winning Summit. They instantly connected on many coaching levels and this episode is no different. There are so many pearls of wisdom to be...
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Vlado Platenik - What does Vlado think makes a great coach? "Empathy, passion & knowledge"

Season #3 Episode #51

Are you curious to know more about how do you break free from the mass of wannabes and qualify for Wimbledon? If you answered yes to this question, then this episode on The Coaching Podcast is one not to be missed...
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Casey Dellacqua - A great coach is someone who is an effective communicator, demonstrates respect and has fun.

Season #3 Episode #50

What a real treat it is to have Casey Dellacqua on The Coaching Podcast. Emma Doyle has known Casey for many years and watched her development closely over the years. In this episode, she talks about the Wimbledon...
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Dr. Nandi Shareef - "How are you taking care of yourself?"

Season #3 Episode #49

In this episode of The Coaching Podcast, Emma Doyle interviews Dr. Nandi Shareef about her experience as an executive and speaking coach. She reminds us all that 'What Makes a Great Coach' is someone who has PRESENCE....
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Alex Jago - "Why do you do that?" Know your why and be a lifelong learner

Season #3 Episode #48

Alex Jago and Emma Doyle have known each other for many years, especially working in the Coach Education department for Tennis Australia. This interview took place in 2018 when Alex was the Victorian National Tennis...
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Mark McGregor - "Who was that significant person in your life that made the biggest difference?"

Season #3 Episode #47

Mark McGregor and Emma Doyle talk about his experience of being fired as an Ice Hockey Head Coach, simplifying the complex as well as having clarity over your vision and values. One of the highlights of this...
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Bowie Jane - Perceptive, driven, thorough & Fun - are her 4 qualities that make a great coach

Season #3 Episode #46

Emma Doyle and Bowie Jane used to play tennis together and now they are the best of friends travelling in the world in pursuit of their dreams. Emma recently interviewed Bowie on a rooftop in New York where they could...
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Tammy Sanders - A great coach is self-aware

Season #3 Episode #45

If you are interested in bank robberies, diversity and inclusion, then this episode on The Coaching Podcast is one not to be missed! Emma Doyle interviews Tammy Sanders about the importance of having self-awareness....
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Milena Stephens - Continually educate yourself

Season #3 Episode #44

Milena Stephens and Emma Doyle met through the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) symposiums and they have been good friends ever since. Milena has a passion for coaching that is infectious and her Dad is also a...
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Natalie Ashdown - Empathy: Walk along side someone, see them, the whole of them and then you can ask a really powerful question

Season #3 Episode #43

Emma Doyle studied her Business Coaching Qualifications through The Open Door Coaching Group where Natalie Ashdown is the CEO. Natalie has had one of the biggest influences on my coaching career and we continue to...
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