The Coaching Podcast

The Coaching Podcast

Hosted by: Emma Doyle

Welcome to The Coaching Podcast – coach for success in both sports and business. I'm your host, Emma Doyle, known as The Energy Coach and Activation Speaker, recognized globally for unleashing human potential. Join me...


Fernando Segal - "Create big relationships"

Season #3 Episode #64

Fernando Segal connected with Emma Doyle recently when he invited her to speak at his Tennis, Business and Technology Conference centred around INNOVATION in ACTION! He has a wealth of experience in the tennis...
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Dr. Michelle Cleere - Great coaches are "positive, encouraging & authentic"

Season #3 Episode #63

Dr. Michelle Cleere and Emma Doyle met at the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) Symposium many years ago and they have become great friends. They share a similar philosophy on the importance of working on your...
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Jack Busby - Stages of development not ages

Season #3 Episode #62

Jack Busby and Emma Doyle met through the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) young game-changers speakers' mentoring program. They have remained close friends and share many coaching philosophies in common, such as...
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Justin Tippett - What makes a great coach? "Integrity, energy (passion), & knowledge"

Season #3 Episode #61

Simon interviews Customer Experience Consultant and Director of CX Group Australia, Justin Tippett. For 30+ years, Justin has been a leading practitioner and Voice in the Australian Contact Centre Industry.
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Mark Jeffery - A great coach has "love, passion and accountability"

Season #3 Episode #60

Emma Doyle first met Mark Jeffery (UK based) when he asked her to speak at the virtual conference called the Winning Summit. They instantly connected on a human level and their passion to bridge the gap between...
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John Buchanan - "Who you are is the process by which you have achieved your results"

Season #3 Episode #59

Emma Doyle interviewed John Buchanan back in 2019 and the content from this interview is still so relevant today! He talks about his best coaching moments which are when he feels like he doesn't have to coach! Then...
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Ken Martel - "What is one change that you have made in the past year that has been really impactful?"

Season #3 Episode #58

Since moving to Colorado, Emma Doyle has been reaching out to expert coaches in their fields and this episode is another great short and sharp interview with Ken Martel, the Technical Director for the American...
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Eniel Polynice - A great coach cares, listens, & is consistent

Season #3 Episode #57

Emma Doyle met Eniel Polynice by chance when he was visiting Dever from California and they immediately connected talking about everything to do with high-performance sport and coaching. What does Eniel think makes a...
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John Borden - What's your one good idea to help grow the coaching industry?

Season #3 Episode #56

John Borden and Emma Doyle first met at the PTR Director of Tennis Conference in South Carolina back in November of 2018. They instantly connected on a number of topics and have collaborated ever since. John lives and...
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Jen Armstrong - "Failures can lead to your success"

Season #3 Episode #55

Since moving to Colorado, Emma Doyle has been meeting many of the local tennis pro's as well as supporting local tennis businesses. This is how Emma and first met Jen Armstrong at the retail shop in Denver called...
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Coach Tina Samara with her former player, Lauren Chypyha - Passion & Patience are common keys to what makes a great coach

Season #3 Episode #54

Lauren Chypyha was a former student-athlete for the Women's Wisconsin tennis team where Coach, Tina Samara, had the fortunate experience of being her coach and an excellent coach-player relationship in helping Lauren...
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Michele Krause - "Where are you from? How did you get started? What was your pathway?"

Season #3 Episode #53

During the pandemic, Michele Krause and Emma Doyle crated and co-hosted the EM & M SHOW - providing both daily and weekly motivation, energy and mindset boosting to help people with their mental health! They are...
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